Saturday, 23 October 2010

Crisis Chrismas 2010

Yet another Christmas is coming, yet again I'm going to spend it driving around London, taking "guests" (homeless) and volunteers from one centre to another.

It all started when I was getting divorced knowing I'm not going to have anyone to spend Christmas with or not wanting to spend it with anyone. Christmas is so boring and mundane. Perhaps for good few years I was in the wrong crowd. It would be nice to be somewhere in the chalet up high in the Alps, sipping Vin chaud, in front of a blazing fire, embraced by a soul mate, relaxing after a days skiing. So far this is the possible future but because of the lack of thy soul mate the only other alternative is spending it among the other wondering souls who find Christmas like me...too materialistic and boring. Charities like Crisis are helping far more people than just the homeless. Three years ago there were 2k of homeless, yet there were 8k of volunteers. With all the money raised every homeless could have their own house bought. But what would all the volunteers do with themselves at Christmas then? Eat till you can't move, drink till you drop and then whinge about getting fatter or becoming more depressed because the mother-in-law's expectations were not met with all the festivities not being to her taste. 
How many jobs are crated by charities like Crisis that give meaning to many lives and bring people together?
So I'll be driving, admiring London in a 16 sitter mini buses (or whatever vehicle) wondering why people are homeless, seeking out the con artist trying to pretend being homeless so they can pick pocket the vulnerable and unaware volunteers. New experiences, new people...lessons in life at Christmas (not a boring one)

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